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Bio Feedback

It is quite devastating for anybody to learn about the sudden illness of her husband / his wife or any other dear relative.
Furthermore: this traumatic event can be the "last straw" to add to an uneasy state of mind that the relative is already having.
How does one ease the tension and mental distress which can put a high price on his health?
We have considered this deeply dear customers and have decided to offer a new and unique service called Bio Feedback.

What is Bio feedback?
This is an exciting and amazing method whereby an individual is able to receive in real time, with the aid of advanced electronic devices, information regarding processes occurring inside his body.
Actually what we have here is a psycho-physical mirror that would enable us to observe what is happening inside our bodies, by using certain techniques so that we can improve the control over our responses.

Bio feedback has proved to be an effective therapy to various medical and psychological problems, since one of it's cornerstones basics is to balance the function of the autonomic nervous system
It is most effective in lowering anxieties and getting accustomed to relaxation habits.This service is offered in our company by a psychologist and quite soon at a special price affordable by anybody.






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