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Nursing Law

The National Insurance Institute operates, in collaboration with the the Ministry of Social Affairs, Nursing Insurance Law.
According to this law, nursing allowance is given to people who have reached the age of retirement and living at home, but need another person to help them with the day to day activities (dress up, wash up, eat, walk inside their home, etc.), also to watch over elderly people at home for their own safety.
A person who is entitled to nursing allowance will receive nursing services in order to help him with the day to day functions like managing the household and also to ease the burden on his family of taking care and watching over him

Pre-Nursing Services by "Yad Valev"

"Yad Valev" can provide domestic services of  "pre-nursing" without charge, until the entitlement is received from the  National Insurance Institute.

"Yad Valev" will provide immediate pre-nursing services with the help of a social worker who will accompany the  elderly and his his family until they receive the approvals and will keep continuous contact with the family.

Eligibility Criteria

There are five conditions that determine the eligibility of the insured person to nursing allowance:

1. He is a resident of Israel who has reached the age of retirement.

2. He lives in the community rather than in an institution.
Anyone living in an institution or a home for the elderly (institutions need licensing by the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Social Affairs), shall not be entitled to the allowance.

3. His income does not exceed the amounts listed in the table

4. He does not receive pension for services (handicapped injured at work or in general) from the National Insurance Institute, and does not receive pension for personal treatment or looking after, from the state treasury (anybody receiving such pension can have a choice between it and or nursing allowance in accordance with Nursing Insurance Law).

5. He needs a great deal of help by another person in order to perform the daily activities (dressing up, washing up, eating, going to the W.C., walk inside the home, etc.) or he needs home observation for the sake of his security and the safet of others around him.

When the claim for nursing allowance is received at the National Insurance Institute branch, and the applicant is found to meet the conditions specified, a professional (nurse, physiotherapist, etc.) will visit the applicant at his home in order to determine the degree of dependency on the help of others, or the level of looking after that he needs.

The National Insurance Institute will decide upon receiving the test results by the professional, whether the applicant is entitled to nursing allowance, the amount of the nursing allowance he should receive and the entitlement period.
In case the limitation in functionality is temporary, nursing allowance will be given for a temporary period.
If the applicant does not meet these five conditions, he will be notified by the National Insurance Institute in writing that his claim for nursing allowance has been rejected, and that he is entitled to appeal regarding this decision.

Services provided within the framework of the nursing law

According to the Insurance Law of nursing, any person eligible to nursing allowance will receive services that will assist him and his family to perform daily activities like managing the household, having him under observation - all according to the insured needs and choice within the entitlement framework .

List of possible services for the eligible to nursing allowance, provided that in his area of residence these services are available and can be provided to him:
  • Caregiver help at the insured home.
  • Day care center for the elderly.
  • The supply of use-once blotting products.
  • Distress alarm system.
  • Laundry services.

Services will be based on the decision of professional local committee for nursing affairs.

No services will be provided to the insured that would help with medical treatment, or services intended to change the conditions of his residence, or to help purchase home equipments or accessories for personal use and so on.

A local committee (social worker, nurse and an employee of the National Insurance Institute) will decide which services will be provided to the eligible to nursing allowance and who will give them, all according to the the pension rate set by the National Insurance Institute, and based on the opinion of the professional employees who take care of the insured (social worker and nurse).

In order to check the appropriate nursing services for the insured and his family, and who would take care of him, he will be visited in his own home by a social worker from the local welfare services or a nurse from nursing insurance institute .
The nursing services will be provided  by companies and organizations recognized as providers of nursing services ... such as "Yad Valev".

Claim Submission

Form for nursing allowance will be submitted to the National Insurance Institute branch in his residential area or sent by postl. The claim can also be submitted by another person representing the insured (a family member, guardian, the social worker or the nurse). The claim form should include the opinion by the treating doctor, and the form should have income statements attached.
Upon reaching a decision by the National Insurance Institute a suit, the plaintiff will be notified if he is eligible or not . The notification will include information detailing the basket of services in his area of residence so that he can choose.

Maximum period of entitlement

The nursing allowance entitlement is not determined permanently, and from time to time the National Insurance Institute will review the status of the insured, the right to add and get a nursing allowance and the level of pension that he is entitled to.
If the insured condition becomes worse, he and his family are allowed to apply to the National Insurance Institute and ask for reconsideration review.
(Form for reconsideration of the entitled due to claim of worsening in conditions)











































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