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About Us

"Yad Valev"
was established over 20 years ago by Ruth Shapira.

Ruth, a graduate of the Department of Economics and Accounting at the University of Bar-Ilan University, worked until then in the field of her studies.
When she had to cope with a serious illness of a close family member, she needed the help of a home care institution.
She discovered that there are major defects both in the professional aspect of the service provision and also in the human approach: a lack of understanding that the family member is under distress and mental turmoil and needs empathy, supportive hand and a listening ear, not less than the patient himself.

As a result, she decided to establish a company that would provide nursing services that will have an entirely different style.
The company name selected was "Yad Valev" which means "Hand and Heart".
Hand signifies directing in the right track and moving safely with the help of the professional staff of the company.
Heart expresses the humanity, compassion and understanding that the patient and his family deserve.
Company team includes, among other things, a psychologist and social workers.

The services provided include Israeli caregivers, international caregivers, referring to elderly homes, bio feedback, etc.
Over the years, "Yad Valev" gained a lot of experience and reputation and now has several branches (Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Kfar Saba and Pardes Hana - Karkoor).
Clients include: the National Insurance Institute, Ministry of Social Affairs, Healthcare Services (Maccabi, etc.), Foundation of Holocaust Survivors, homes for the elderly, kibbutzim, and private customers.
"Yad Valev" takes a great care and will never violate the state laws regarding the terms of employment of local and foreign workers.









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