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Elderly / Sheltered Homes

Homes for the Elderly / Referral to Homes for the Elderly / Sheltered Housing / Nursing Homes / Elderly Homes for  Alzheimer patients / Infirm persons, Homes for the mentally fatigued, Funding help by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs

"Yad Valev" is acquainted deeply and intimately with tens of homes for the elderly.
We can "match" the most appropriate institutions to handle any specific problems needed.
It is difficult not to overstate the importance of this knowledge, as it enables us to match the most appropriate home for the elderly to suit the required services to any specific problems.

"Yad Valev" staff make great efforts to select the best homes, and after analyzing the data, they select the most appropriate homes to suit any specific patient's problems and requirements.
Then they would conduct a tour of the homes for the elderly together with the patient (or someone on his behalf) until the best one is found.

"Yad Valev" helps to evaluate the eligibility of the applicant to receive funding from the different government ministries and if he is found eligible, will assist to fill in the required forms by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor.

Although this procedure, which is conducted in accordance with the "Yad Valev" highest standards, can take many hours and even days, the consultation and the directing is given without charge.

Sheltered Housing

Intended for third age population who don't need any assistance during their daily life.
Sheltered housing offers help in managing the household, social accompaniment and giving medical assistance when needed.
They provide peace of mind and security to the occupant and his family.

Recovery Department

After surgery or another event requiring minor help for a short period.

Homes for the weak

They are intended for the elderly who require minor help during their everyday life, but who have a clear mind, move by themselves with the aid of a walking stick or a walker.
Need help in preparing food, cleaning and assistance in the shower.

Nursing Homes

They are for the elderly who use a wheel chair, need help with full bath, mobility, etc.

Homes for the mentally exhausted

They are for the elderly who are mobile by themselves but need full supervision because they have memory lapse.



















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